Camena Music School

Camena Music School Coronavirus safety guidelines for Students returning for face to face lessons.. 

Please familiarise yourself with the guidelines before attending lessons at Camena Music School. These guidelines have been put in place using government guidelines and we have also taken advice from our union, The Musicians Union. The t guidelines can be viewed online by visiting their website. 

Social Distance and Sanitizing.

At least a 2 meter distance must be kept between Tutor and Student. 

Our rooms will be divided into 2 sections, one side for students and one side for tutor by the use of a plastic screen and tape.

We will allocate a team leader each day to manage the coronavirus safety. Our team leaders will manage changeovers between lessons.

Team leaders will come into the car park to signal that the tutors have cleaned between students and are ready for their next lessons. Team leaders will be responsible for making sure students sanitize their hands upon entry and exit and that tutors are cleaning between lessons. Team leaders will ensure we have a one in and one out policy.

Parents will not be permitted into the premises, unless a prior arrangement has been made. 

 All payments will continue to be taken online. 

Do I have to wear a face covering? 

Tutors Teaching in Room 1 (Dan) and Room 4 (Ciara) will be wearing visors during lessons, this is due to these rooms being smaller in size, they will also be maintaining  a 2 meter distance. We have protective screens between tutors and students. All students over the age of 11, having lessons in these two rooms are advised to wear a face covering. Students under the age of 11 do not have to wear a face covering but may do so, if they wish! 

Tutors Teaching in the Waiting Room and Room 2 (Back Room) will not be using visors, as we have a 3 meter distance in these rooms. We will also be using protective screens to divide the room and add a protective shield. Students having lessons in these rooms do not have to wear a face covering as ample meterage is available but may wear one, if this is their preference. 

Singing lessons will only take place in the waiting room and Room 2 (Back Room) Singing students will be asked to face a different direction to the tutor when singing and protective screens for barriers will be in place. Tutors may wear a visor as an extra precaution. 

Where do I  stand or sit during the lesson?

X’s will be marked where the student and tutor should sit or stand during the lesson. 

Other Student Guidelines  

No equipment will be shared between tutors and students.  

The use of whiteboards will be used to display music and tutors will still be corresponding with students from their @camena email addresses to send over music.

Students are not permitted to touch anything that is not required.

Tea and Coffee facilities will not be available during this time. 

Students are permitted to bring in a bottle of water, which must be placed on the floor.  

Students are to bring their own guitar, bass, ukulele to their lesson. No instruments will be lent out during this time.  

We will supply an electric drum kit for drum students and students must bring their own sticks and music. No sticks will be lent out during this time. We will be using the electric drum kit for hygiene and cleanliness reasons. The tutor will have their own drum kit to demonstrate on. 

We will supply a piano for piano students. Hand washing and sanitizing must be adhered to at all times as a standard, this is to be done prior to using a piano and after use. Shared instruments will be wiped down between each lesson by the tutors. The tutor will have their own piano to demonstrate on. 

The toilet on site is a shared toilet by all on the estate and not managed by Camena Music School.  We suggest that you use the toilet before you come to your lesson rather than use the shared toilet. If you do need to use the toilet, we suggest that you do so after your lesson. We do not accept responsibility for the shared toilet on site and you use the facility at your own risk.