2 days studio time with our producer will leave you with a fuller production for your song and an overall better track for you to release!


Have you written a song that you would like recorded and produced? We have an in house recording engineer and producer that works with artists to record and produce their songs. This 4 hour studio time with our producer will get you started with getting your song ready for release!


Come and record your demo with us here at Camena Music. This package is best for aspiring singers who wish to come in and record a cover of there favourite song to sing. We suggest that you prepare 2 songs for this 2 hour session. We also mix and master the track for you so that you get the best takes of your vocals and come out with the highest quality demo!


  • Emily Carter- Ship to Wreck0:00

No more I Phone You Tube Videos! Come and record a high quality music video in our state of the art Video Suite. We record your song live as you are singing/playing it and take various shots of you performing. We then edit the video for you and take the best shots to reflect you as an artist and your song. So many artists get discovered on YouTube. Give yourself the best chance with a high quality recording and You Tube video!


Song Production

4 hours studio time

Music Lessons Essex, Brentwood        

  • Sometimes 0:00

Vocal Recording

2 hours studio time

  • Josh Gleaves- Take me for me0:00

Song Production

8 hours studio time

Music Video

1 hour studio time.